Toy Fair 2019 – High-Tech Toys

Toys are for children is a common saying but with the development of technology this has changed. There are many toys that attract adults and parents instead of children. In New York Toy Fair 2019, recent developments in toy industry are presented. Some of these toys that seems to be attractive to everyone are listed below.

Air Hog Zero-Gravity Laser Racer — Anti-Gravity Car

Most of the remote-control cars can be driven on different surfaces like sand, grass and any other harsh surfaces. But have you ever seen a car that can be driven on walls or even on ceilings? Probably your answer would be NO, but in this fair Anti-Gravity car was presented and this stand attracts many visitors. This anti-gravity behavior is provided through a small underside vacuum. Using this enhancement, car can be attached to smooth surfaces. This USB chargable toy will cost just $40 and will be available from Fall 2019.

Star Wars Lightsaber Academy

Even though more than 40 years since the first Star Wars movie. Star Wars still attracts many people especially lightsabers. Upto now there were many different lightsaber toys were introduced. This toy is a bit different from other blades, it has an mobile application interface. This lightsaber has a gyroscope and accelerometer placed inside the handle. These sensors communicate with application and this will help to be able to train in specific jabs and slashes. Also throgh app, your skills and accuracy are graded. The price of this Star Wars toy is $50 and will be available from Fall 2019.

LEGO Hidden Side

Finding hidden characters through a mobile application is not a new thing. We have encountered this type of mobile applications with Pokemon GO for the first time. But this time we face with different case, one of the largest toy company LEGO has implemented this kind of application in their sets. This playset is called as Hidden Side. When you look at the playset, everything seems fine, there is no extra-ordinary action. But when you check the same place with specific app, you will see that this toys are haunted and you try to catch the ghosts. The price of this toy will range from $20 to $130 and it will be available from Summer 2019.


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