There are several types of field effect transistor designs. Most common transistor technology is CMOS FET (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor). But due to trend in decrease in technology node, a new field-effect transistor technology has appeared. This technology is called as FinFET and it appeared after 25nm technologyRead More →

Amplifier is one of the most commonly used design block that we can encounter in every system. What are you considering when you need to make a decision? What are the priorities in your amplifier design? These and further questions will be answered in this article and amplifier design parametersRead More →

Resistor is a basic design unit for Analog Design. Basically resistor can be defined as 2-port electronic device that can limit the flow of electronic current in a design. Resistor does not have a direction, current can flow in both direction. On the other hand, resistance is a quantitative termRead More →