Galaxy Fold and 4 Different Galaxy S10 in MWC 2019!

There are days left for Mobile World Congress 2019 that will be held in Barcelona, people are curious about what Samsung will show in Congress. As it is one of the leading companies in mobile world, it is expected to see some technologies that others may not present. In MWC2019, Samsung will present 4 different Samsung Galaxy S10 devices: the Galaxy S10, a higher-spec Galaxy S10+, the lower-tier Galaxy S10e, and the Galaxy S10 5G. Additionally, a foldable phone Samsung Galaxy Fold will be shown in the Congress as well.

New Samsung Galaxy S10’s

This is 10th year of Galaxy S series and for the decade celebration, 4 different S10 will be introduced in MWC2019. Samgung Galaxy S10 5G is largest phone among these 4 phones and it has 6.7-inch curved display. The name is 5G because having larger screen will be beneficial to be able to take full advantages of 5G. With larger screen better movie and gaming experience can be experienced.

Sizes of other S10 phones are 6.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 5.8-inch for S10+, S10 and S10e respectively.

All S10 devices will have Dynamic AMOLED display and first HDR10+ certified.

In terms of camera comparison S10e will have dual camera, S10 and S10+ will have triple cameras and S10 5G will have 4 rear cameras. With Artificial Intelligence capabilities, better experiences will be provided. Additionally, 123-degree field-of-view ultra-wide lens will provide enhancement in camera design.

S10 5G will have 256GB and 512GB storage options with 8GB RAM.

S10+ will have 128GB, 512GB and 1TB storage options with 12GB RAM.

S10 will have 128GB and 512GB storage options with 8GB RAM.

S10e will have 128GB and 256GB storage options with 8GB RAM.

The prices of the phones are listed below:

  • S10e will start from $749.99
  • S10 will start from $899.99
  • S10+ will start from $999.99

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Apart from these 4 Samsung Galaxy S10’s, it is expected to see foldable Samsung phone, Galaxy Fold. We are defining it as phone but it can be converted to tablet as well. It will have two usage options, user can use it as a smartphone with 4.6-inch screen size and tablet with 7.3-inch screen size.

DJ Koh, president and CEO of Samsung’s IT and Mobile Communications division, some of his statements are listed below:

“Samsung desires to reinvent the smartphone from the ground up

Samsung is writing the next chapter in mobile innovation history by changing what’s possible in a smartphone.

By switching between the smaller and larger screen, users can access three apps at once, with an App Continuity feature custom-built for the foldable design. Apps can open up on the smaller display, and users can pick up where they left off when opening up the device to access the larger screen.

The Fold’s specs are also at the high-end. It packs an HD+ Super AMOLED display, 12GB RAM and 512GB storage, and a six-camera system.

This new technology Samsung phone, Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost $1980 in US and €2000 in Europe.

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