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Galaxy Fold and 4 Different Galaxy S10 in MWC 2019!

There are days left for Mobile World Congress 2019 that will be held in Barcelona, people are curious about what Samsung will show in Congress. As it is one of

What is FinFET?

There are several types of field effect transistor designs. Most common transistor technology is CMOS FET (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

LG Announces Q60 K50 and K40

MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019 will be held in Barcelona, Spain between 25-28 February. Many mobile device suppliers are prepared

Toy Fair 2019 – High-Tech Toys

Toys are for children is a common saying but with the development of technology this has changed. There are many

Amplifier Design Parameters

Amplifier is one of the most commonly used design block that we can encounter in every system. What are you

Resistor & Resistance

Resistor is a basic design unit for Analog Design. Basically resistor can be defined as 2-port electronic device that can