What is the impact of new patch of Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra?

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The US users of Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G received an update that include some improvements in camera and security. This update brings a handful of under-the-hood improvements and bumps up the security patch to September 2020. As it is given in the following figure, the improvements with this patch are:

  • The performance of camera has been improved
  • The stability of the clipboard has been improved
  • The stability of Samsung internet has been improved
  • Overall stability of the functions are improved
  • The security of the device has been improved

In addition to US users, people from outside of the US have also received an update. However, the changelog of these updates are not same as what US users received. These September updates includes some security improvements. Therefore the camera improvement is observed by US users right now. But company tries to push the improvements for the users that are outside of US as wwell.

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